On Time MedTrans
offers a full scope of services to its elderly
and disabled customers throughout all
County's.  Services are provided both local
and long distance transportation.

24 hours a day, 365 days
With reservation

On Time MedTrans
provides non-emergency Basic Life Support
(BLS) ambulance transport.  Emergency services
are provided to augment the primary first
response and transport service
Fire Department  E.M.S. 911
On Time MedTrans
primary role is to provide non-emergency
ambulance transport its patients in medical
situations that are not life threatening.  When
experiencing a life-threatening emergency, one
should always
call 911
On Time MedTrans
primary customers are medical facilities such as
hospitals, nursing homes, and adult living
facilities, but anyone may access our service at
Stretcher Transport
Non-emergency stretcher transportation is
intended for use patients by patients that are
unable to sit upright for medical or comfort
reasons, but are not likely to be in need of
medical attention during transport.
On Time MedTrans
stretcher transport vehicles are staffed by two
persons, one EMT or certified first responder and
a medical transport specialist. This mode of
transport is used extensively for patient
discharge from hospitals or taking patients from
nursing homes to medical appointments. If the
patient is determined to be in need of medical
attention, ambulance transport will be requested.
Wheelchair Transport
Wheelchair transport vehicles are staffed by one
medical transport specialist trained in CPR, first
aid, and sensitivity to the physical needs of the
elderly and disabled.  This mode of transportation
is designed for non ambulatory patients who are
able to sit upright in a wheelchair and are not
likely to be in need of medical attention during
Ambulatory Transport
Sedan or Minivan - Non emergency transport for
patients that is able to walk on their own.
On Time MedTrans
will take its disabled customers anywhere they
desire, whether that is a medical appointment,
social event, to work, or any other location our
customers wish to travel.
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